Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hanuman's first riding lesson

Following an enjoyable evening watching the film 'Buck' with her chums, She has been inspired to do Her own colt starting.  She has decided that there is no need to chase Hanuman round a pen nor flap ropes or flags or any such thing.  Instead, She thought She'd manage with lead ropes attached to a headcollar and a couple of peppermints, since this worked for Posy and I.   Hanuman was a bit perplexed at first because She stayed in the same place whether he went forward, back or sideways, but a peppermint or two allayed his fears.
She put the video camera on the gate to record events in case of an accident, since the ambulance crew might find it helpful to see what happened.  So we do have a video of Hanuman's first riding lesson, albeit with apologies for the poor quality.

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