Monday, 17 March 2014

Things are looking up

We have emerged blinking out of the mizzle and into - sunlight!  Yes the rain has stopped falling for several days and the sun has come out.  I am feeling particularly happy after recovering from my third foot abscess in six weeks.  I have come to enjoy the attentions of the vet and everyone saying how brave I am.

She has just finished a marathon stint hosting the riding club's horse agility event. Of course, I had to test it first, and feeling full of the joys of spring I leapt over the little jump, pranced up and down on the tarpaulin and then did a full celebration with bucking, prancing and standing on my hind legs waving my forelegs up and down.  She was very impressed, or at least I think that's what She was saying.  Later on, I had to go back into the ring to Set a Good Example for a timid Arab, but wasn't allowed to prance, which was boring.

One of the horse agility contestants.  
Note the unfamiliar ball of yellow light on the right.
The others have been deemed to be making progress as well.  Hanuman has got used to Her sitting on his back in the stable and Posy made a decent stab at a dressage test, coming third out of eleven.  It wasn't brilliant but it was Posy's best effort so far and she managed to resist the temptation to gawp at her surroundings.  Meanwhile I have a play date with my chum Freddie to look forward to, so things are looking up.

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