Sunday, 8 September 2013

Posy has a lesson and I go on a mission

Yesterday, Posy went out with our chum Ariel to go show jumping at Duchy College.  Seeing all the jumps Posy was keen to demonstrate her athleticism and race round, leaping the obstacles and cutting corners.  Posy thought the instructor would be impressed to see how fast she can go.  She was a bit disappointed to find that the point of lessons was to slow down and go right into the corners and that wasn't so much fun.  The fillers added a bit of excitement though, especially the arrowhead.  Last time Posy saw one of those her rider suddenly ejected, so she stopped at it, fearful the same thing might happen again.  As it turned out, her rider remained firmly in place, so Posy leapt over it the second time and nothing bad happened.
The video shows Posy trying to go slowly over some very small jumps, then waiting while Ariel has a go and then a bit more jumping only someone had put fillers in front of the fences.  Posy thought she had acquitted herself well and deserved the apple at the end.

Today, I was having a quiet nap in the field, when She advanced towards me with Her arms flapping like windmills.  There was some kind of riding club emergency, and it was clear that only I could save the situation.  I had to rush to a meeting place to organise people for a ride.  I met a few chums, then had to wait an hour for some people who never turned up, forcing me to spend a lot of time trimming the grass around Luckett car park.  On the way back one of her riding club friends stopped by us and fed me carrots from her car.  Funny old day.

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