Monday, 11 March 2013

Wet and cold

Posy was scheduled to compete in her first babies' show jumping competition, but had to hack there in freezing rain.  By the time they got there, She was so wet and cold that She had lost all interest in competitions and negotiated with the organisers that Posy could just have a jump round before the class started.  Posy was keen to do jumping and impressed with her spirited round, and then got peppermints and carrot and was fussed over by several people.

Posy enjoyed herself so much so that when She tried to go home, Posy dug her toes in and refused to leave the warm, dry indoor school.  At the same time a neighbour turned up with the 4 year old 'Sunny' who refused to go into the indoor school.  For a while there was gridlock at the entrance as Posy refused to leave and Sunny refused to go in.  Eventually, Posy was lured out into the freezing rain with promises of hedgerow snacks on the way home.
Overall, She thought it was Good Experience for Posy, pity about the weather.  Again.

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