Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Mission 2013

She has decided that to secure our funding for 2013, we will all have to commit to Performance Targets.

My main objective for the year is to 'have fun', I think this means that I charge about leaping over obstacles whilst She bounces up and down on my back shouting "Good Boy!".  My specific Performance Targets are:
  • To complete at least one Hunter Trial in 2013
  • To continue my show jumping career and get a double clear in 85 cm Starters by end of 2013
Posy's main objective is to complete Phase 2 of her bravery training and her specific Performance Targets are:
  • To participate in at least one event away from home per month
  • To be relaxed and well behaved at shows by the end of 2013
Hanuman's main objective is grow up without injuring himself, but training-wise his specific Performance Target is:
  • To compete successfully (>60%) in at least two Horse Agility classes
Phew, even Hanuman has to work for a living.
Hanuman studies his Performance Targets

and then eats them

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