Sunday, 6 January 2013

Posy's Busy Afternoon

Posy went to a riding club gymkhana, accompanied by Ruby Too (not to be confused with Ruby the ex-show jumper).  It was in the indoor school with mirrors, only this time there were a number of small children running around and some ponies trotting back and forth.  It was all very interesting, although Posy wasn't allowed to play with the fire extinguishers for fear they go off.

Then Posy and Ruby had to walk in and out of some cones several times, but Posy stopped halfway because she'd found something interesting to sniff thus handing victory to Ruby.
Posy still got peppermints even though she didn't win, because she was calm and well behaved.
After all the excitement, Posy had to carry Her home again, so was quite tired when she got back.  Still, she is already ahead in her performance targets which makes her very smug indeed.

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