Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Our winter straw arrives

Because of our collective corpulence and my allergies, She has decided that this year, instead of snuggling down on beds of shavings and munching on ad lib hay and haylage, we are to have limited haylage and straw doubling as both bedding and low calorie forage.  Unluckily for Her, the wettest summer ever has meant that good straw is hard to find and expensive.  After much searching, She was delighted to find some good barley straw at a local farm, although disappointed to find that the farmer also had a very firm grip on economic realities and the laws of supply and demand.

Today it all arrived on a trailer and Posy and I helped to unload it by tugging at the bales we could reach.  We disturbed some small furry animals with long tails which had been hiding in the straw.  They ran off and the farmers gave spirited chase and went into a well-rehearsed rat-stomping routine, nonetheless She was dismayed to see that two of the rodents managed to run away towards the house. 

Finally, the barn was full and money changed hands.  She was happy that at least She had actually got some good straw, and the farmers were happy to find that their surplus barley straw had turned into gold.

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