Sunday, 30 September 2012

My first cross country clinic

I had to walk into uncharted territory today, through a town and out the other side, and was quite brave considering.  When we got to our final destination I saw some jumps and an inviting green space.  I was seized by the urge to rush madly about and as soon as I was allowed to face the first log I was off, charging along feeling the wind rushing past my ears, leaving the other participants until they turned into specks in the distance.  Then, I leapt over small rustic obstacles, bravely tacked some water, jumped up some steps and then hurtled down again, failing to stop and scattering the spectators.  I heard Her muttering about brakes being lacking and the onlookers said She looked pale.
My heroic deeds of derring do would have been captured on Her helmet cam if only She had remembered to switch it on.  She only turned it on at the very last fence, so to prove that I did go, it is here.

You can just about hear how impressed the onlookers were with my outstanding performance.  I felt it deserved rather more than the peppermint I received at the end.  I had to carry Her back home as well, but at least I got some apples on my return.

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