Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vet comes back again

After my heroism at the cross country clinic, my hock has been a bit stiff again.   She got the vet round once more and he gave her some powders.  She tried to sneak these into my breakfast but I knew straight away that these would be bad for me and refused to eat it.  She then hit upon the idea of mixing the powders with apple juice and squirting them down my throat.  I took a dim view of that but She was undeterred.  Well, I knew no good would come of it and today my face was all swollen.  She was mortified and called the vet again.  He arrived bristling with needles and syringes and I was very brave.  She swore that She will never try to force feed me with drugs ever again, but this is no consolation when you look like you have the mumps.
To make Her feel bad I wore my most sad and pathetic expression, which also elicted a lot of sympathy from Posy.
Meanwhile, She has gone indoors, crying, but it may also have something to do with the vet's bills.
Fortunately, Hanuman is very healthy since he has coated himself in a protective layer of mud.

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