Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I have been working hard lately - ever since She read that a horse who likes to conserve his energy, like me, needs more work than other horses.

On Saturday I went to the dressage and performed a respectable, if undistinguished, test.  Apparently I am not meant to stop halfway through the test to watch the start of the Freestyles in a neighbouring arena.  I had to stand and watch them outside in the rain instead.  She said that She took comfort from the fact that the ploddy horses seemed to do a better performance to music than the prancey, dancey horses who were so busy spooking and shying at the flower baskets that it was hard to tell what they were doing.

On Sunday it was a hash harriers ride which I had been looking forward to.  Alas, heavy rain  had washed away the flour trail and She had to run round with a bag of flour relaying parts of it.  Worse, due to an administrative mix up, there were no treats laid out for me to find.  I was reduced to licking up the flour trail.  What a poor show. 

There was no respite on Monday as I was sent off to test whether the jumping field for the riding club's combined training competition was OK to ride.  I found it rather slippery, but knew straight away that I was meant to be jumping jumps and charged about soaring over the obstacles, although She made me walk in between in case I hurt myself.  Since the rain is forecast to continue indefinitely, it looks as though the competition will be cancelled, and I shall have a reprieve.

By Tuesday you'd think that I should be having a day off, but no, bizarrely, She decided that there was nothing for it but to go for a long hack because it was raining again.
I have been given a new raincoat and it's just as well.

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