Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not my freestyle debut

No sooner had I recovered my strength after my illness, than I am bundled into the motorised cabin and driven off to Tall Trees Arena.  There I was meant to perform elegant leapings to music of Her devising.  We entered the arena - to, er, a prolonged silence.  Her CD would not play on their music device, so She had to leave the arena without performing Her freestyle.  
On the way out it became apparent that no peppermint was forthcoming.  I took a dim view of this and dug my toes in, refusing to leave the indoor school until I got the mint I deserved.  After all, I had played my part, making friends with spectators and looking on anxiously during Her 'discussions' with the arena management.

She wasn't too upset as I had already done a warm up class and won a ribbon.  She said that I had made a jolly good effort in my first Novice class, even if it wasn't as good as at home due to the various distractions, etc.  For the record, here is a video of it.  She says it is not great dressage, but it is here for the record since one day we will look back on it and laugh at our humble beginnings.

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