Saturday, 28 July 2012


Our breakfasts were late today because She stayed up late watching the Olympics Opening ceremony and insisted on telling us about it. 

Apparently one of my relatives had a starring role at the beginning, pretending to plough a field in a 'Rural England' tableau.  Two more of my relatives were seen pulling a cart in a most spirited fashion whilst being chased by a number of men.  They were taken off to their stables after that, for a well earned rest no doubt.  Then all the pyrotechnics started.  She said it was all jolly good, if a bit eccentric.  Her favourite bit was the performance by the Arctic Monkeys, although the accompanying cyclists with wings weren't easy to explain.

There was a parade of athletes wearing exotic costumes, some from countries none of us have heard of.  Good luck then to Aruba, Kiribati, Nauru and Palau!
The Team GB costumes were covered in gold, which She felt was tempting fate.

The grand finale was the cauldron being lit from lots of little flames and that heart stopping pause while She wondered whether it would either fail to ignite, or explode.  It did neither and everyone was very excited that it had all been a Great Success.

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