Tuesday, 3 April 2012

First Show Jumping Contest

I had to carry her to a show jumping contest over the weekend.  I went into the arena and was quite disconcerted to hear my name being announced.  I quickly assessed the situation and realised that I was meant to leap over some obstacles.  I was very cautious at first, but gradually found my stride and by the 'Jump Off' phase I had worked up quite a head of steam.  I came a creditable third out of six clears.  We had to line up to collect our rosettes and then do a 'lap of honour' round the school.  I was quite emotionally drained by then and plodded round with my head on the ground.  I gather that I was meant to have had my head in the air, looking spirited. 

Whilst She seemed content with a ribbon, I noticed that there were bags of horse food displayed as prizes.  I saw an opportunity to use my great bulk to break through the barrier and seize a bag of food as my reward.  As I did so a number of people started screaming and pushing me back again.  Apparently the food bags were raffle prizes and She had failed to buy the winning ticket.  What a disappointment.  I was taken home after that.

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