Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Allergy Test Results

She decided to investigate why I keep coming out in lumps on my skin. Remember how I was so poorly with one batch of haylage? Well, since then I have sporadically come out in lumps when I eat some kinds of hay. 
The vet, who had hitherto been my friend, siphoned off some of my blood when I was being distracted by a carrot. A lab needed this I'm told, and now the results are back.

The highlights are:

Carrots are Very Good for me, although I could have told her that.  

Linseed is Extremely Bad for me - I knew it! This is the foul tasting stuff which I rejected when She tried to give it to me. At least She won't be trying that again.

Timothy Grass is Very Bad for me. This must be the stuff that was giving me lumps in some hay and haylage. She says that I must now have the very expensive rye grass haylage that comes in branded packaging. It is very delicious, so I agree with that.

Maize is meant to be Very Good for me, better than oats, so I am now getting cornflakes for breakfast which are very tasty.

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