Saturday, 31 December 2011

A good end to the year

As soon as she put my travel boots on I knew we would be going to another of those things where I have to trot about and then there are carrots at the end.  I was right.  We went to yet another place but this time I felt more confident because I had a good idea what to expect.  I put my best foot forward and received much praise for being more forward going at last.  Apparently I should have been carrying my head in a nice outline for more of the time and it didn't help that She asked me to canter when I was busy trying to see what was going on in the canteen or listening to the neighing next door.  Perhaps next time She will prepare better.  Nonethless, I got extra carrot for winning and getting 70%.  The video below is an unexpurgated version including the dreaded trot/canter transitions.

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