Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tearing out hair

She has decided that She must know whether young Hanuman has been fathered by the dressage horse, or not.  Posy has been tested and is by the dressage stallion in question, so She has hit upon the idea of doing a sibling test using DNA from hair samples.

Posy was pretty sanguine about having her hair pulled out, but young Hanuman took great exception to having his hair torn out by the roots.  She foolishly tried to yank out a few tail hairs as he whizzed past and he gave Her a good kicking. 

I hid in my stable and tried to look invisible as She went past me, limping and cussing, stuffing wisps of hair into a plastic bag.  Luckily, She didn't seem to want to pull out any of my hair.

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