Monday, 26 September 2011

DNA Test

She has now received the sibling test results and is no wiser as to whether Hanuman has the right dad or not.  There are 4 anomolous markers, but when She quizzed the lab, it seems that the probability of Hanuman and Posy being half siblings is about 50/50.  It isn't a definitive result, but then what She didn't seem to think through is that if he is by the show jumper, then Posy and Hanuman share a little under 20% of their genes anyway, because Posy's mum has show jumping lines. 

She has now decided to register him and will wait to see if the registration is accepted or not.  She says She doesn't want an eventer and might sell him, but I've seen her brushing his hair and hugging him so I know for a fact that he's going nowhere.
So, who is my daddy?

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