Monday, 18 April 2011

Oh Dear

Things have not gone well lately.  I was allergic to the delicious new haylage and was very poorly for a while.  She is now buying haylage in smart white bags but goes round muttering about money, although this isn't an entirely new phenomenon. 

Following a bit of a crash course in fitness, I was taken to a couple of dressage competitions.  I gather that we are not to speak of them again.   She says I must go on lots of outings to the indoor school until I lose the urge to escape from the arena.

After reading a book on equine nutrition, She has purchased a big bag of micronised linseed and put some in my food.  Phah!  It smells of old fish, I don't know why she thought I would want to eat the stuff, and it spoiled the rest of my breakfast so I threw all my food out of the bucket onto the floor and refused to eat any of it.  She is now giving it to Tilly who seems to like it, but then Tilly has been acting very oddly lately.

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