Friday, 29 April 2011

Not the Royal Wedding

Today, I would have liked to have been standing in The Mall being fed Polo Mints by well wishers.  Her plan was to decorate me with a necklace of Union Jacks and then go to gate crash the street party in Stoke Climsland.  Alas, She ordered bunting which had huge flags.
This is not a good look.  To Her credit, She did conclude that my being festooned in 10 feet of large plastic flags was likely to be a hazard at a street party. 
Plan B was to go for a hack with my chum Freddie, and take advantage of the lack of traffic by exploring the other side of the A388.  Had a very pleasant ride, even though the roads were actually swarming with Royal Wedding refuseniks driving aimlessly about.

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