Sunday, 15 May 2011

Posy attempts Horse Agility

Posy has been full of herself today.  She was entered for the SCADRA horse agility class.  It must have been for beginners, obviously, otherwise I would have been chosen.  Ever the drama queen, Posy claimed that there were fierce bears at the far end of the arena, making it far too dangerous to go there.  I know for a fact that there were no bears at all, and it was just a ruse to make herself look brave and collect extra carrots.  I can't believe that Posy got a carrot just for standing still while She opened an umbrella!

Posy got her legs in a knot in the bending section and She herself tripped over the poles in the S Bend and they made a dog's breakfast of the corridor.  Below is a video clip of their efforts.  They aren't very good really.

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