Monday, 10 November 2014

Hanuman's first ridden outing

I was surprised to see my chum Freddie arrive yesterday morning when we had no play date scheduled.  It turned out he was to escort young Hanuman on his first ridden outing.
Posy and I waited anxiously in our stables for more than half an hour, and when Hanuman returned we both neighed loudly to show our relief that no harm had befallen the little fellow.  
Initially, Hanuman had been a bit surprised to find that She was behind him, on his back, and not in front of him holding a rope, but he quickly got used to the idea.  Then he was a bit confused because part of him wanted to run madly about with excitement, whilst part of him was a bit nervous and wanted to be very cautious.  In the end, he walked mostly and jigged a bit whilst ensuring that he didn't get too far from Freddie.  This turned out to be a winning strategy that won him much praise and a large carrot on his return.

Freddie keeps a watchful eye on his young charge
Hanuman is praised for his bravery and good behaviour

Hanuman celebrated afterwards by prancing round the field and flinging off one of his new shoes.

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