Friday, 20 June 2014

Joy unconfined

I have to say that I have been feeling quite sprightly of late, and my hock feels so much better.  She is delighted and says that my hock joint may have fused.  She sought a second opinion from Coach Mandy who said that it brought a tear to her eye to see me plodding prancing round with such gay abandon.

Next thing I know I have been taken to a couple of dressage contests.  At the first the judge leaned out of her car and remarked on how much better I looked.  At the second the judge's writer fell in love with me and wanted to take me home.  This is all well and good, but now She plans to dust off her music and take me to more important contests, which means that I can no longer have my minty breakfasts.  Now I am to be fobbed off with a handful of chaff.  This is a poor reward for my getting hot and sweaty and puffing my way through dressage tests.  

She made me model my booty from the weekend's work
There may not have been many other competitors in the weekend's classes, but She would like to point out that I came away with three Firsts, which is three more than the England football team.

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