Monday, 19 May 2014

Yeeee Haaaa!

One of Her riding club friends is keen on Western Riding and ran a clinic on Saturday which I was invited to.  I went with some trepidation, fearing that it may involve high speed cattle chasing or similar.  My fears were only compounded when my chum Ariel arrived resplendent in a Western saddle and festooned with ropes.  Happily, it turned out to be a version of Handy Pony, only with Country music playing in the background.
I watch Ariel perform in full Western regalia with added ropes

You had to to various exercises such as screeching to a halt inside a small box, then doing a 270 degree turn without touching the sides, then lolloping loping a circle, doing a simple change and then lolloping loping in the other direction.  This was following by opening a rope gate, weaving in and out of cones backwards and then crossing a 'bridge'.  I gave a dazzling display of bravura, even though I didn't have the right costume on.  She said that I put Ariel to shame and was very pleased.  I fully deserved the extra carrots when I got home.

On Sunday, Posy went to a dressage contest and I gather wasn't too bad, which is a great improvement on previous efforts.  It was also Hanuman's birthday but he got a carrot just for being three years old, whereas Posy and I had to excel for ours.

Today the farrier came and put shoes on me.  She has given up with the barefoot experiment and says that it hasn't improved my hooves at all, and now I can go out on the roads with my mate Freddie more often.  Hurrah!

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