Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wet weather XC clinic

I had been promised another exciting day charging round a cross country course, but since it has been raining for weeks on end, the course was deemed too wet.  Instead of having some well deserved holiday, I had to jump over things in the arena instead.  The lesson was enlivened by the presence of Ruby, who is an ex show jumper who likes to stop in front of jumps and inspect them carefully.  Ruby is very pretty and I was keen to impress. 

It was quite fun actually and I gave a master class in jumping skinnies in a curved line and when She got the line wrong for a corner I made up for it with a massive leap to make sure I got to the other side.  The instructor said that I was very athletic considering my build.  Not sure what she meant by that but I know that I was a Good Boy.  Unlike my chum Ariel in the class before who casually threw off his rider at the beginning, thereby guaranteeing that he didn't have to jump anything at all.

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