Saturday, 17 November 2012

Posy's Big Adventure

Today it was Posy who was coaxed into the motorised cabin with promises of carrots.  After a short journey, Posy found herself in a strange place where there were other horses about and lots of buildings.  Initally she thought to call out and let everyone know she had arrived, but then found her haynet more interesting.  Next she was led into a very large building with mirrors in which she could see a beautiful horse gazing back at her.  After wandering around by herself, another horse came and then our chum Ariel appeared.  Ariel looked a bit fed up and wasn't really interested in twirling about on the end of a rope.  Posy thought this was odd since she could find lots of interesting things to look at.  She wasn't afraid and was praised for her bravery.  The photo below is to prove how brave she had been.
Posy allowed herself to be coaxed back into the motorised cabin afterwards and was driven back home.  We were all pleased to see her back safely, and She was gushing with praise for how well Posy had coped with this new experience.

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