Monday, 13 August 2012

Legacy of The Games

After my dressage experience She thought it would be fun for me to venture across the main road and explore the other side.  I bravely coped with the field of donkeys and the malevolent park bench but froze in terror at the sight of a huge flock of cyclists heading my way.  I stayed rooted to the spot with my knees trembling as they swooshed past.  At least the front of the herd swooshed.  More and more went past and at long last the line thinned and comprised those who looked like they had been strangers to exercise since the last Olympics. 
She said that this cycling mania was a Legacy of The Games and would last approximately three weeks and I shouldn't be concerned.  Much against my better judgement I was persuaded to advance gingerly but there were cyclists hiding round every corner.  I was jolly glad to get home I can tell you.

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