Sunday, 12 August 2012

I am not Valegro

Inspired by the Gold medal winning dressage She has seen on TV, She dragged me off in the motorised cabin to Tall Trees arena to perform a freestyle to music.  I had expected to be indoors with gentle music being piped in the background, but no.  I found myself being piloted to a large outdoor arena strewn with long pieces of white plastic, some of which had been weighted down with concrete blocks to stop them blowing away in the strong winds.

I dutifully positioned myself at K while She imperiously waved her arm to start.  Then, horrors!  a terrible loud noise erupted from all around.  I didn't see how I could be expected to halt with all this cacophony going on, and then I trotted round with my head twirling around trying to see where all this awful noise was coming from.  It took about three minutes before I realised that the loud noise was coming out of each of the four corners, and later I realised that I was meant to be doing my dance and volunteered to do the stretchy trot thing just before the final halt.  Phew!  What a trauma.

Fortunately, She thought it was funny and I got carrots afterwards anyway.

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