Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yet Another Outing

Back to St Leonards for more dressage.  After being terriified by the judges last time, I got my own back by going to introduce myself while they were busy with the sheets.  They only became aware of me as my great bulk blocked out all the light and they shrieked and nearly fell off their chairs as I gazed at them through the glass.  

Apparently, my first effort was a bit mixed but got a sprinkling of 8s which made Her happy.  Just before the second test I saw what looked like horses in ghostly outfits in an adjoining field.  I was so distracted that all I could remember was that I was meant to be going forward.  She said afterwards that I shouldn't have been charging round with my nose sticking out like that, and was surprised that we came second.  I think the other horses were also startled by the lilac apparition nearby.

There was meant to be a video record of our competitive progress, but the video operator forgot to take off the lens cap until near the end.  She decided that what little there was would be too embarrassing to be shared with the world. 

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