Friday, 12 August 2011

A more successful outing

I was carted off in the motorised cabin to go to St Leonards again, to do some dressage.  It was a very worrying time.  As I went through to the warm up I saw a horse in the arena that looked as alarmed as I felt.  He was too bewildered to canter and his exasperated rider was slapping him with a stick but it didn't help.

When it was my turn I went to present myself to the judge and something leapt out to bite me and I fled in terror.  I recovered my composure and bravely went through my tests, trying to do my very best, whilst simultaneously scanning the area for potential assailants.  Luckily, I survived unscathed and was praised for my fortitude and for Trying Really Hard.  It wasn't great dressage apparently, but it was good enough for a number of carrots and first place in Intro B and fourth in Prelim 10 (although She did point out that there were only half a dozen other competitors in each class).  Here I am being really brave. 

Went back home in the motorised cabin to a hero's welcome from the others, who had clearly missed me.

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