Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Great Disappointment

That was me at the Cornish Dressage Festival apparently.  She took me up to Duchy College where there was a party going on with lots of horses running around in a small arena and some of them going sideways.  I also went into another arena with flower baskets everywhere.  She was flapping about on my back but I didn't really hear what She was saying for all the noise in my head.  I gather I was meant to be going forward.  I was relaxing afterwards when a hornet stung me and I produced several impressive, energetic caprioles, but She said it was too little too late.

She cheered up when we got home as She found a DVD in the post, that She had won in a Horse Hero competition.  Her winning application stated that She was trying to turn a plodding Shire X into an elegant dressage horse and She needed the DVD.  Don't know what that was supposed to mean, but I do know that a DVD showing Exercises for Horses is bound to be bad news for me.

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