Monday, 23 February 2015

Winter Break

We have been having a lot of weather in the last month or two.  It has been freezing cold, or very windy or hailing, sleeting or any combination of these.  The cold weather makes my feet hurt especially going down hills, and there are a lot of hills around here, so I have been taking it easy of late. 
Young Hanuman hasn't done much either as She says that She needs calm weather to be able to get any sense out of him as he is such an excitable fellow.  She did try an Introduction to Trotting Poles session with him, he thought it was so much fun that She felt the need to keep a firm grip on him.

We gather that She is waiting for the wind speed to drop before She continues his trot lessons.
Meanwhile, Posy just ambles about getting fatter and fatter, and, inexplicably, is being given more food, not less.
We have eaten all the grass there is and are praying that spring will come soon.

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