Friday, 1 August 2014

I achieve a record score

For those of you who are wondering how I got on at my Big Day, She has now got the results and the scores weren't too bad but not enough to qualify for the whatever it was She hoped to qualify for.  She thought that my reluctance to approach the judge's end was partly to blame.  I blame it all on being fobbed off with herbal biscuits instead of carrots on the day.

She felt that I had got a bit ring rusty and needed some more outings.  Thus, when Posy had a slight cough on Wednesday, She decided that I should go and compete in Posy's place.  When I arrived I was alarmed to find that I had to go into an outdoor arena with white boards, a flower pot and a large wooden shed with reflective panels, when I have become used to the comfort and safety of the indoor school.  Who could be surprised that I was reluctant to approach the judge's shed?  Then I caught sight of something suspicious and tried to flee the scene.  This earned me a '2' and 'Disobedient' from the judge.  Apparently a score of 2 is a record, but She didn't seem very pleased with it.

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