Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am eight years old!  My, how time flies.  I was fully expecting eight carrots this morning, but was disappointed.  There was a bag of carrots, but I was told that these were being saved for my Big Day on Saturday.  This sounds ominously like I shall have to puff my way through some dressage to earn them.

Last weekend I had to go to a riding club dressage contest 'to get back into the swing of things'.  It was nice to meet and greet a number of my fans.  At one point I thought that the yard owner had heard that my birthday was coming up soon and was going to present me with a cake.

I should have known that only the riders got cake and we poor horses had to content ourselves with whatever morsels of grass we could find round the edge of the car park.  Then we had to carry our cake-laden riders back home again.  Life as a horse is pretty tough.

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