Sunday, 26 January 2014

Stormy Sunday

It has all been rather quiet here due to weather.  It has been wet and windy forever it seems, and everyone is going round saying 'is it ever going to end?'.  The answer is never, apparently.
As a result of sloshing about in water for weeks on end, Hanuman and I both got foot abscesses.  His was easily dealt with, but mine evaded detection, even after She got the vet to do X-Rays.  In the end it burst out on the coronary band, and She says it is my fault for pretending to be sound whenever the vet comes.  Fat thanks I get for being brave.  The bad news is that my arthritis is getting worse, so I shall be leading a more relaxed life style.

Posy was hoping to go show jumping today, but after reviewing the weather, She and Posy decided it would not be fun.
The view from the stables
Meanwhile, we are hanging round the stables, hoping that She will bring us food so that we don't have to venture back out into the wind and rain.

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