Monday, 12 August 2013

I come to the rescue once more

For the fifth time, Posy was indisposed when she was supposed to be entering a competition.  Of course, I had to step in at the last minute to save the day.  It was a local event at Lidwell so I had to walk.  When I got there, I was amazed to see a horse wearing bizarre eye goggles like this.
It turned out that these are equine sun glasses and the horse had an eye condition which made her sensitive to UV light.  I watched her test and she made it round without bumping into the fence, so they must work.  When it was my turn, I did my best in spite of the warm weather. 
I was kept busy in the interval between classes - greeting my many fans, trimming the grass verges and baby-sitting for 'Bill' while his friend was competing.  I don't know what his friend said when he came back to find his haynet empty because I was busy supervising the jumping by then.
At the end I won the prelim class with 70.5% and got 66% in the Novice, although I was the only one that did it.  I got a 9 for my stretchy trot.  Clever me!

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