Sunday, 15 January 2012

Competing again

I went to another competition today, and following my epiphany at Tall Trees, I now know what to do.  To improve my chances of placing well, I hit upon the strategy of pulling hideous faces at the other competitors in the warm up.  My laid back ears and great bulk sent several weedy thoroughbreds scuttling away.

When it was my turn to go in I did my very best for a while, although I admit to being distracted by a commotion in the lorry park behind the arena and took the opportunity during the 'free walk' part to put my head up and have a good look.  I recovered my poise in time to impress the judge by putting in a very prompt final halt, even if it surprised Her.

I don't know if my tactics of intimidating the other competitors worked or not, because She decided not to hang around for the results.  She was very pleased with me though.

(PS I have now found out that I came a very respectable second (out of 24) with 68%)

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